even when the sun don’t shine

even when the sun don’t shine

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looking at you looking at me

This is a portrait of Phil. I sketched it out and then added layers of water color and chalk and then later black pen


1 of a kind

1 of a kind

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this is a portrait of musical artist ONE OF A KIND.
i was first introduced to this mans work a long time ago strictly as production. With some support from some bay area arts programs he has transformed into a force producing, singing, writing, and overall making phenomenal musica, this will not be the last portrait i make of 1.O.A.K and i hope i get to do an album cover for him someday…

Here’s a video of him performing

1 O.A.K. – Lovecats from The Mighty Fifty on Vimeo.

Miss Haze

Miss Haze

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Portrait i had displayed at Mazu in SF featuring Miss Haze of 40LOVE.
8 x11 colored pencil and marker

She is one of the many LADY SPITTAS that will be in a series of painting called LADY SPITTAS look out for it.
and check her music she just recently did a mixtape with Denise Wallace that is Fiyaaa.

xoxo -Wren

The Shape of My Heart

this is a piece i did over a year ago, but I thought it went along with the song i just uploaded called “shape of my heart” the song is by no means a polished piece but its the start of me sharing my other heart which is music so I want to share on here as well cause art is art…

Portrait of Janelle Monae #2

Portrait of Janelle Monae

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this is rough. My goal here was to focus on the feeling and powerful energy of a performance.

listen with your eyes

listen with your eyes

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I wanted to take bright color and play with them against a portrait. I was inspired by the light in a music video a while back so the idea and sketches came from that…